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Balance bodyworks has been set up by Camilla (Mia) Robbins with one clear goal: to enable easy access for everyone to the complementary healthcare field of bodywork and manual therapies. Mia has an extensive knowledge within this field after studying, at one of the top complementary healthcare colleges, The Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney. With study and work experience accomplished balance bodyworks was established in 2004 and after proving a success in Australia, Mia returned to England where the London site of balance bodyworks was set up in 2006, providing freelance therapy in and around the city.

Balance bodyworks specialises in manual therapies such as remedial massage, pre&post natal massage, myofascial release, exercise therapy and relaxation therapies such as Swedish or aromatherapy massage. Massage is one of the oldest and simplest of medical treatments and is a non-intrusive therapy. Depending on the practitioner and/or techniques being used it can be as gentle or as strong as the patient would like.

Balance bodyworks will ensure each person is assessed as an individual and treatments will be tailored to your own needs and goals. Advice will be given and very often home help will be indicated in the form of exercises and/or self stretches. The practice of aromatherapy is also very popular with balance bodyworks (Studios treatment room only) and essential oils can be used to aid and assist with treatments.