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Angela Schaefer, Writer
"I started seeing Mia to try to control extremely unpleasant and recurring trigger point headaches, exacerbated by long hours sitting in a fixed position at a computer. I have seen other massage therapists for the same reason before, but could not find anybody who was able to (literally!) get to grips with the dreadful muscle knots in my shoulders and neck. Mia has combined remedial massage and trigger point therapy to achieve truly brilliant results, and since roughly my third treatment with her, several months ago, I have not suffered a single headache. This is despite the fact that I have been spending longer at my computer than ever.
"The treatments are good value, especially when compared with other, significantly less successful massages I’ve had in the past, and the extra-padded massage table is heaven! Mia is really friendly and extremely communicative – she explains exactly what she is doing as she goes along and will use any kind of pressure you like to really get to the root of the problem. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a massage now as compared to this it would just seem a waste of money."

Joel Adams, Project manager
"My girlfriend bought me a voucher and having never had a massage before will admit to putting it off. What a mistake. Mia gives a brilliant massage and my back, neck and shoulders although sore after, felt like new after a couple of days. I do a lot of computer work and sit for hours on end with my job and never realised what a strain it was for my upper body. Learning that Mia does home visits she now comes to visit us at home which is a godsend as it works around my long work hours."

Caroline Rayfield, IT consultant
"A trip to Balance Bodyworks is like a little slice of heaven in an otherwise pretty stressful week, the treatment room is calm yet cosy and this is all before Mia gets her hands on you! Mia really listens to why you're there, what you like from a massage and what you can do without, so each treatment is tailored to your needs. Be it a firm, thorough sports massage focussing on the troublesome spots or a long, relaxing all-over aromatherapy massage, you won't want to leave. I've been going to Balance Bodyworks regularly for over a year and wouldn't dream of trying anyone else."

Alison Jury, Sec/PA
"I spend anything up to 8 hours a day slouched in front of a computer screen and consequently suffer all the usual aches and pains in the neck, shoulders and back that you’d expect. Despite good intentions to take regular breaks, maintain good posture etc etc, it just doesn’t happen and I end up desperately needing a thorough iron out and craving a deep pummelling to relax those muscles. Mia is a real find – it’s not easy finding someone so knowledgeable, capable and dedicated to fixing tensed, tight, aching muscles. It takes a firm but sensitive hand to effectively unknot cramped muscles and Mia is great at it. Her studio is beautifully calming, her welcome warm and the whole experience is a therapeutic treat."

Amelia Sergent, Housewife
"What would I do without you Mia! With three small children and a large household to run, escaping to balance bodyworks is such a treat. I have been visiting regularly for relaxation treatments since 2006 and only wish I could go more. The aromatherapy massage is my favourite when I am run down, tired and stressed but equally the remedial work when my shoulders are knotted and tight is excellent. See you again very soon."

Edward Jameson, GP
"I’ve been suffering with knee pain since running in the London Marathon (2008) and try and visit Mia once a month. Great to have found a therapist who can really get into the problematic muscles and isn’t afraid to apply lots of pressure. No more knee pain and always ready for the next run."

Emma Anderson, interior designer
"Mia has been working with me through the past 3 months of my pregnancy (due in 3 weeks) after developing agonising sciatic pain. The deep tissue massage techniques used could sometimes be sore but Mia constantly worked with me, talking to me and making sure I could work through each step at my own pace. Straight after the first treatment I felt relief and after a two week course of intensive massage with her the sciatic and lower back pain had completely gone. I’ve just had a Swedish massage which is a complete contrast to the deeper massage but such idyllic! Highly recommended."

Anjhe Mules, Sportswear Designer
"I came to see Mia with quite a lot of discomfort and pain in my shoulders and neck due to the physical nature of my work. I hadn't seen a therapist for quite some time and found Mia to be friendly and quite frankly brilliant. After a few sessions I can honestly say that my shoulders now give me no trouble at all and my neck, whilst requiring 'monthly maintennance', has not felt this good in a very long time. Mia takes the time to explain to you exactly what she is doing and makes you feel comfortable. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to friends, family and collegues."

James O'Brien, McLaren F1 Team
"I return to Mia for my regular massages because she is a delightfully happy and welcoming person.  She has such a sweet immaculate studio, which is full of light and soft tones.  Not only is Mia very attentive and specific with the way she works strained muscles, but she does it in such a relaxing way.  I feel very comfortable recommending her to anyone who has sport injuries or just want a place you know you can relax in qualified hands."