spinal problems
shoulder massage
remedial massage

  - Sports Injuries such as joint, muscle and ligament damage
  - Domestic and industrial injuries
  - Arthritis
  - Work related upper limb disorders (RSI)
  - Neck and back pain
  - Whiplash injuries
  - Tennis and golfer's elbow
  - Wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome
  - Sciatica
  - Pregnancy related conditions (i.e lower back pain, fluid retention, sciatica, pins & needles)
  - Groin and adductor strain
  - Hip and knee pain
  - Shin splints
  - Ankle pain and 'weak ankle'
  - Achilles pain
  - Plantar fasciitis
  - Headaches / Migraines / Tension headache, trigeminal neuralgia
  - Stress / fatigue
  - Postural scoliosis
  - Post-operative rehabilitation following surgical orthopaedic intervention

This is just a selection from the many conditions which Camilla has treated previous patients.